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Aviation. Film. Audio. Symmetry. 

Del Norte Titán, @rxnxadd.


In the Clouds x Bronson Snelling

Right now, being alone with my mind is the worst thing.

I’m anxious all day about the night, that’s why I can’t sleep.

I think through the day what I’ll do on the night because it’s the only time when I feel I can do my things, when I can have my space. I also think that I won’t be able to sleep when I want, and overthinking massively is also a big reason.

It’s frustrating and I certainly don’t know how to stop it, it’s been on for a long time, but lately it’s been two months without stopping. Just being on the bed affects me, it isn’t a peaceful or resting place for me, I get all the thoughts right there and can’t handle them, I have to get up to do something to distract myself from overthinking, and then falling on the same vicious circle. It’s completely on my mind, as being tired, doing exercise or routines don’t stop my insomnia.

Landmannalaugar, Iceland by Cor Laffra


On the Road | Canmore, Canada